13 Apr 2016

Sahara AKA 'Poison Ivy'

Super power:  
Toxic kisses – you WILL fall in love with me 

Day job:  
Digital Marketing Manager – making people believe “I need what they’ve got” 

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes:  
Arsing around, swearing too much, sending virtual hugs to the entire planet and generally being a know it all – someone’s got to! I create a million tasks and then have to be forced in to delegating them. 

Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes?  
The IBD community is of major importance to me. I have been isolated, sad, angry, bitter and alone. That’s not something I want anyone else to ever be. #IBDSuperHeroes exists to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I want to create the biggest fundraising TEAM that the world has ever seen; a community, a support network, a family. A family that fights together!  
Together we are stronger.  Together we can fight harder. Together – we CAN be HEROES!  

Four Chihuahuas, a tortoise and far too many house spiders – stamp on them, I’ll stamp on you 

A little about your life:
I’m fortunate enough to really like my life. My job is great (mostly), as is my work family. My real family are all nice people, the ones I have anything to do with anyway. The people I see in my spare time are people I actually enjoy the company of, otherwise I wouldn’t bother (there are very few of these). I love my house, I love my animals, I love my little extended online family that I have the pleasure of speaking to every day… and that pretty much takes up all of my time. 

Tea or coffee: 
Coffee, until I’ve drunk too much and need to swap to tea… 

Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit & Lord of the rings, Breaking Bad, Daredevil, Once upon a time (you’ve noticed a theme here yes?), Marvel, DC, NCIS, Big Bang Theory… yes I like to lounge around and marathon watch series’ and movies! I do also like writing and reading, I’m currently enjoying the Marvel graphic novels collection!  
If I’m not at work or hiding at home then I’ll be out watching live bands and dancing like a fool. I love a festival; any excuse not to wash and get dirty is good for me!  
I’m an animal lover, I’d probably rather play with animals than spend time with you. 

Pointless drama and the people that create it, people that think the world owes them living, bratty children with equally bratty parents, people with piss poor work ethics and people that don’t like animals. 
Never feed me kidneys or liver, I WILL vomit on you. 
People that continue to speak after being told “You are annoying me, shut up”. 

Medical history: 
Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis aged 19 in 2007. Subtotal colectomy (colon removed) & temp ileostomy within a week – clean out op for sepsis 4 days post op. 
Jpouch creation & loop ileostomy in 2008. 
Take down surgery (reversal) in 2009. 
Chronic Pouchitis, Cuffitis & abdo pain. Identified strictures & suspected Crohn’s.. 
Resection, pouch revision & temp loop ileostomy in 2014 for twisted intestine & abscess. No active Crohn’s Disease. 
Take down surgery (reversal) in 2014. 

Medications tried:
Asacol, Mesalazine, Prednisone, Ad cal, Budesonide/Entecort, Mesalazine enemas, Azathioprine, VSL#3, Metronidazole; Ciprafloxacin, Codeine, Tramadol, Oramorph, Fentanyl & Butrans Patches. 

Corinne AKA 'Catwoman'

Super power: 
Pretending to be 'OK'

Day job:  
'Super' Nanny to a 4 year old 
 (any excuse to be a child and get paid for it)

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes: 
Chief Cozzie Catwoman

Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes? 
I am passionate about making a difference! I joined the IBD community online a few years ago when looking for some support. Since then I have made some life long friends and been able to talk about my experience living with a chronic illness, surgery and a JPouch.  
I met my side kick Poison Ivy, through working together on a previous project. We joined forces and launched #IBDSuperHeroes. Our aim is to raise money to fund medical research throughout the UK to find a cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Our team is pretty awesome! I expect amazing things to come...

Cats! Obviously... 
and three terrapins

A little about your life: 
I'm a little bit crazy and you will usually find me bouncing around with a smile on my face.
I do however struggle with anxiety and I worry FAR to much. I annoy myself! 
I sing, write a blog when I can sit for long enough to engage my brain. 
Bit of a technology geek 
I have been desperate to become a mum for many years and needed IVF treatment to conceive. This was due to having blocked fallopian tubes as a result of bowel surgery. I am so happy to be expecting a little boy in January 2017!
Tea or coffee: 
Coffee... Most days I feel like I'm sponsored by Nescafe

That there is a superhero character based around cats! 
Writing songs for charity... 
Food, Music, animals, sunshine, sunflowers.  
Laughing and being around the people I care about. 
Anything Supernatural, including the series and the Winchester brothers.... 
I have definitely got into my series recently and just binged watched series 1-6 of The Walking Dead!   
Lies and Fake people. 
People who 'tell it like it is' but use that as an excuse to be rude. 
Wet hand towels

Medical history: 
Ulcerative Colitis was diagnosed when I was 17 (1997)  
Proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal/One step Jpouch September 2000 

Medications tried:
Mesalazine, Prednisone, Enemas 
Surgery was over 16 years ago, A LOT has changed since then, including medication

Lisa AKA 'Wonderwoman'

Super Power:
Super strength and Super hearing 
Day Job:
Montessori Teacher 

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes: 
I am one of the admin and help support others like me 
Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes?  
I want to help raise awareness of this illness and be good support for people who need it and offer advice to new members and newly diagnosed people 

One dog called Lola who is a cavalier King Charles 

A little about your life:  
I'm 29 and I'm from Dublin. I teach part time. I love to dance and watch movies. I've always wanted to go traveling one day with my boyfriend. Huge friends fan and like going to concerts. I hope to learn how to drive next year 

Tea or Coffee:  
Hot chocolate  

Movies, music, dancing, food, chocolate, shopping, cooking shows, spending time with family and friends and my other half.  

Spiders, heights, liars, flying, coffee, spicy food.  

Medical History:
Ulcerative Colitis diagnosed in 2004 aged 18 Temp loop ileo 2005 perianal abcess Rectal vaginal fistula Seton fitted Anemia  

Tried On Pentasa since 2004 Pred on and off since 2004 Aza/immuran Humira for 14 months Currently infliximab Calcium chew for joints Acid reflux meds Iron supplements


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12 Apr 2016

Kelly AKA 'Superwoman'

Super Power:
Super Organisational skills 

Day Job:
Export Manager at Large Freight Forwarding Company with a team of 5 minions to boss around and make me coffee 

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes:
Office Administrator and Designated Grown-Up at #IBDSuperHeroes HQ 

Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes? 
I love the feeling that I’m doing something to make a difference and Cure Crohn’s Colitis is such a great cause.  

Peppa the Cat 

A little about your life: 
I was born in Greenwich, London and have lived within 5 miles from that point for the whole of my life. 
I have 6 siblings that I grew up with and more somewhere else around the UK that I know little about. 
In July 2004, I married Roger aka #IBDBatman, on the hottest day of the year. 

Tea or Coffee: 

Reading Twilight and Harry Potter 
Watching Twilight and Harry Potter, also have newfound love for anything DC or Marvel in the last few years. 
Watching Period Dramas, such as Downton Abbey; Comedy, such as Big Bang Theory, Friends, Mike & Molly and Brooklyn Nine Nine; Fantasy, such as Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries and True Blood and some Primetime telly, such as BGT & X Factor. 
Love Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Melissa McCarthy, Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant and most of what they do. 

TV shows like Jackass, Nitro Circus and Dirty Sanchez  
RAP Music 

Medical History:
Nothing to see here. Not an IBD sufferer myself, my medical history is pretty short.  

Medications Tried:

Stephen AKA 'Superman'

Super Power:
Hugging, smiling and laughing ( I know that's 3 )

Day Job:
Work for a Bus and Coach glazing company

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes:
Admin and general spreader of myrth and love

Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes?
I believe in the passion that has been evoked within our team and we will make a difference within the IBD community

5 Rabbits - all rescue Bunnies, Clarence, Clover, Charlie, Thistle and Poppy.
A cat called Peppa from Battersea dogs home
A Guinea pig called Nigel
And some fish

A little about your life:
I am married to the lovely Louise for almost 25 years, and have twins who are 20 this year.
 My first proper job was as a Chef, a career which I wish I had stayed in I was diagnosed with Asthma, when I was 40, which I believe was the start of my immune system going wrong I am now classed as a severe Asthmatic

Tea or Coffee:
Tea. Coffee gives me heartburn but I do have a very weak milky coffee in the evening

Music,watching most sports, Liverpool FC, walking around a field trying to hit a small white ball with a stick

Noisy eaters and drink slurpers

Medical History:
Diagnosed with Crohn's on the 14th February 2008
This was after spending 3 weeks in hospital over Christmas and new year losing 3 stone in weight and being initially diagnosed with gall stones I have had no Surgery

Medications Tried:
Previously Taken Prednisolone. Currently Taking Azathioprine 150mg daily , Omeprazole

11 Apr 2016

Roger AKA '#IBDBatman'

Super Power:
#IBDBatman doesn’t have super powers, just a kick ass suit and all the vehicles you could ever want in your garage

Day Job:
Butcher at Morrisons

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes:
Broom Logistics Manager at #IBDSuperHeroes HQ

Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes?
Because I’ve made a lot of friends within the IBD Community in the last few years and I want to make more of a difference by being involved with this great project.

Peppa the Cat

A little about your life:
Born in Silver End, Essex
Moved around the UK with my Grandma after losing my Mum & Dad quite young
Packed off to boarding School at age 12
Left at age 16, trained as a butcher and worked for Selfridges among others
Did a few other jobs over the years until returning to Butchery in 2009
Married Kelly aka #IBDSuperWoman in July 2004

Tea or Coffee:

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes and Bikes!
Oh and Music!

People who don’t like Bikes!
People who use their mobile whilst driving and Drink Drivers

Medical History:
Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at aged 17 in 1984
First Surgery in 2000 where 18 inches of small and large bowel removed (resection)
Next surgery in July 2006 (2 theatre trips) to correct some scarred tissue causing a blockage

Medications tried:
Azathioprine (Imuran), Budesonide (Endocort), Colestyramine (Questran), Dalteparin Sodium (Fragmin), Diazepam, Ferrous Sulphate, Prednisolone, Salbutamol Sulphate (Ventolin), Sulfasalazine, Warfarin

Currently Taking:
Adalimumab (Humira), Amlodipine, Calcium Carbonate (Adcal D3), Docusate Sodium, Folic Acid, Hydroxocobalamin injection (Neo-Cytamen), Mesalazine (Pentasa), Movicol, Omeprazole

AJ AKA 'Brave'

Super power:
Pooing standing up

Day job :
Call centre-fixing peoples tinternet!

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes:  
Admin aka pretending I have a clue what I am talking about and trying to get Boss and Chief to CHILL!

Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes?
Well I was honoured that Boss & Chief thought I was good enough to be involved and help such a fab project! As well as that we need a cure and Together Everyone Achieves More!

2 dogs, Molly and Harley
A little about your life:
I live with parents, learning to drive and love travelling (short version as not wanting to bore you!)

Tea or coffee: 

Disney, WWE and sparkly things! Oh and Haribo!

How long have you got?!

Medical History:
Diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis in 2009
Put on Asacol, Prednisolone and Azathioprine
Bowel perforated in 2014
Right hemicolectomy and ileostomy (Sulley) in 2014

Medications tried:
Azathioprine, Prednisolone, Asacol, Infliximab

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4 Apr 2016

#IBDSuperHeroes Official Launch Event!

Come along, meet the team, Sahara Fleetwood-beresford, Corinne Vanessa Burns, Lisa Cummins, Roger Pasfield, Kelly Tots Pasfield, AJ Mooney, & Stephen Gomm, and join in with the fundraisers on the day.

These fundraising ideas will come from YOU via our Facebook group, as well as some little surprises arranged by us on the day. If you have any ideas on ways to raise money on the day, feel free to pop over to the group and comment on our pinned post at the top off the page.

Group admin, Kelly will be selling 'Pandora Style' Charms on the day: Charms in support of C3-IBDSuperHeroes

We will also have a guest speaker coming along from our selected charity Cure Crohn's Colitis 


The Lounge
40 High Street
ST15 8AU

Transport links: Nearest station 'Stone Crown Street' Railway Approx 5 minutes walk

Please take some time to check out the charity here;

“Cure Crohn’s Colitis has the sole objective of raising money to help fund medical research into curing Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 100% of money raised goes directly to the projects we support. 
All members of the charity are unpaid volunteers and no administrative fees are recovered from donations”

You can donate via our JustGiving here

You can donate by text using: CCSH90 £3 to 70070

Media/Enquires: IBDSuperHeroes@gmail.com (Corinne/Sahara) 

We are fundraising on behalf of a charity which invests 100% of their donations to medical research. The charity is relatively small so the funds will mean an awful lot to them! We hope you’ll help us by being the big hearts that fight for the little guys!