Media mentions

Links to #IBDSuperHeroes mentions in the media:

June 8th 2018
Luton lad holds Dunstable footie match fundraiser to kick Crohn’s Disease

March 29th 2018

May 19th 2017
IBD Superheroes Assemble for World IBD Day

May 16th 2017
Why We're Raising Awareness on World IBD Day

December 21st 2016
Hospital physio who is actually a TV superhero!

December 19th 2016
Real life Wonder Woman battles disease to raise hundreds for charity

December 13th 2016
On the run to find cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

December 13th 2016
Lizzie Smith on BBC Radio Nottingham raising awareness of IBD, #IBDSuperHeroes and Cure Crohn's & Colitis

December 12th 2016
IBD super hero raises over £1000 for charity

October 5th 2016 (Bit of a weird one this - #IBDSuperHeroes supporter Candice Haines in the news)
also featured in Daily Star and Daily Mail

May 25th 2016
Superheroes join forces to help in battle to find cure for Crohn’s disease

May 16th 2016
Leeds superhero Lee in fight against IBD

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