27 Sep 2016

Your IBD Stories - Natalie Bamford

Natalie Bamford

What year were you diagnosed and with which form of IBD? 
I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in March 2014 after having emergency surgery.

Have you identified anything that triggers you, and if so what? 
I have yet to find anything that triggers my illness, although when I’m flaring there are certain foods I have to stay away from.

Highlight an invisible symptom of Inflammatory Bowel Disease which you feel affects you: 
I struggle with fatigue. People think it’s just the same as being tired or that you’re just being lazy but there are days when I have no energy at all and even after a long night’s sleep (which is rare) you feel exactly the same.

Name one thing you feel like you’ve learnt or gained since having Inflammatory Bowel Disease: 
I’ve learnt that I can cope with a lot more than I thought I could and being a part of groups like #IBDSuperheroes means I’ve gained a second family.

What makes you an #IBDSuperHero? 
I would say I am proud of myself for finishing college, it doesn’t sound like much but I was admitted into hospital in my second year and had to take a lot of time out. There were days when I’d be convinced I was going to fail and I’d stare at my work not knowing how I was going to do it but with the support of my assessor I completed my 2 year course in 1 year and am now a qualified teaching assistant/nursery nurse.

2 Sep 2016

#IBDSuperHeroes reaches a whopping £8,000!

Fantastic news! #IBDSuperHeroes have reached a whopping £8,000 today!

Thank you to all of our team members and to those that have donated so far!

An extra special thank you to Daniel Lee for pushing us over the 8k mark today!

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