12 Apr 2016

Stephen AKA 'Superman'

Super Power:
Hugging, smiling and laughing ( I know that's 3 )

Day Job:
Work for a Bus and Coach glazing company

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes:
Admin and general spreader of myrth and love

Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes?
I believe in the passion that has been evoked within our team and we will make a difference within the IBD community

5 Rabbits - all rescue Bunnies, Clarence, Clover, Charlie, Thistle and Poppy.
A cat called Peppa from Battersea dogs home
A Guinea pig called Nigel
And some fish

A little about your life:
I am married to the lovely Louise for almost 25 years, and have twins who are 20 this year.
 My first proper job was as a Chef, a career which I wish I had stayed in I was diagnosed with Asthma, when I was 40, which I believe was the start of my immune system going wrong I am now classed as a severe Asthmatic

Tea or Coffee:
Tea. Coffee gives me heartburn but I do have a very weak milky coffee in the evening

Music,watching most sports, Liverpool FC, walking around a field trying to hit a small white ball with a stick

Noisy eaters and drink slurpers

Medical History:
Diagnosed with Crohn's on the 14th February 2008
This was after spending 3 weeks in hospital over Christmas and new year losing 3 stone in weight and being initially diagnosed with gall stones I have had no Surgery

Medications Tried:
Previously Taken Prednisolone. Currently Taking Azathioprine 150mg daily , Omeprazole

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