12 Apr 2016

Kelly AKA 'Wonderwoman'

Super Power:
Super Organisational skills 

Day Job:
Export Manager at Large Freight Forwarding Company with a team of 5 minions to boss around and make me coffee 

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes:
Office Administrator and Designated Grown-Up at #IBDSuperHeroes HQ 

Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes? 
I love the feeling that I’m doing something to make a difference and Cure Crohn’s Colitis is such a great cause.  

Peppa the Cat 

A little about your life: 
I was born in Greenwich, London and have lived within 5 miles from that point for the whole of my life. 
I have 6 siblings that I grew up with and more somewhere else around the UK that I know little about. 
In July 2004, I married Roger aka #IBDBatman, on the hottest day of the year. 

Tea or Coffee: 

Reading Twilight and Harry Potter 
Watching Twilight and Harry Potter, also have newfound love for anything DC or Marvel in the last few years. 
Watching Period Dramas, such as Downton Abbey; Comedy, such as Big Bang Theory, Friends, Mike & Molly and Brooklyn Nine Nine; Fantasy, such as Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries and True Blood and some Primetime telly, such as BGT & X Factor. 
Love Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Melissa McCarthy, Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant and most of what they do. 

TV shows like Jackass, Nitro Circus and Dirty Sanchez  
RAP Music 

Medical History:
Nothing to see here. Not an IBD sufferer myself, my medical history is pretty short.  

Medications Tried:

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