13 Apr 2016

Corinne AKA 'Catwoman'

Super power: 
Pretending to be 'OK'

Day job:  
'Super' Nanny to a 4 year old 
 (any excuse to be a child and get paid for it)

Role at #IBDSuperHeroes: 
Chief Cozzie Catwoman

Why are you involved with #IBDSuperHeroes? 
I am passionate about making a difference! I joined the IBD community online a few years ago when looking for some support. Since then I have made some life long friends and been able to talk about my experience living with a chronic illness, surgery and a JPouch.  
I met my side kick Poison Ivy, through working together on a previous project. We joined forces and launched #IBDSuperHeroes. Our aim is to raise money to fund medical research throughout the UK to find a cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Our team is pretty awesome! I expect amazing things to come...

Cats! Obviously... 
and three terrapins

A little about your life: 
I'm a little bit crazy and you will usually find me bouncing around with a smile on my face.
I do however struggle with anxiety and I worry FAR to much. I annoy myself! 
I sing, write a blog when I can sit for long enough to engage my brain. 
Bit of a technology geek 
I have been desperate to become a mum for many years and needed IVF treatment to conceive. This was due to having blocked fallopian tubes as a result of bowel surgery. I am so happy to be expecting a little boy in January 2017!
Tea or coffee: 
Coffee... Most days I feel like I'm sponsored by Nescafe

That there is a superhero character based around cats! 
Writing songs for charity... 
Food, Music, animals, sunshine, sunflowers.  
Laughing and being around the people I care about. 
Anything Supernatural, including the series and the Winchester brothers.... 
I have definitely got into my series recently and just binged watched series 1-6 of The Walking Dead!   
Lies and Fake people. 
People who 'tell it like it is' but use that as an excuse to be rude. 
Wet hand towels

Medical history: 
Ulcerative Colitis was diagnosed when I was 17 (1997)  
Proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal/One step Jpouch September 2000 

Medications tried:
Mesalazine, Prednisone, Enemas 
Surgery was over 16 years ago, A LOT has changed since then, including medication

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